“As an Allen-Bradley PLC user, how can I upgrade to SoftPLC?”

You can directly import PLC-5 programs using text (.PC5 format file) import utilities that are included with TOPDOC for SoftPLC as menu options. With only minor adjustments to the .PC5 text file you can also easily convert SLC-500 programs too. Program documentation (address and rung comment) conversions are also included from Rockwell/A-B software text format to TOPDOC format.

For PLC-2 users, a PLC-2 to SoftPLC logic conversion program, and separate documentation conversion programs are available. Even the largest, most complex PLC-2 programs can be converted in a few minutes! If you have an old 1774 PLC, our conversion can also be used for these.

PLC-3 users can utilize our PLC-3 conversion services, which use an auto-converter that handles an average of 90% of the effort. Conversion cost is much lower than any other method!