“What are some unique things I can do with SoftPLC's FTP Server?”

1. Programs needed to maintain your SoftPLC system can be stored on the flash disk in zipped format. Then, when you need one, simply transfer it to your laptop, unzip it and you're ready to go. This way you're sure to have the correct version for the installed application, and all the tools you need, right with the controller. Examples include DeviceNet configuration software, TOPDOC®, motion control programming software,etc.

2. One problem with traditional PLC systems is that the logic is in the PLC, and the program documentation is on "someone's" laptop. With SoftPLC, you can store the program documentation right in the SoftPLC on its flash disk. Then, use FTP to copy it to the hard drive of your editing PC before loading the TOPDOC editor. You know you have the latest copy and that it matches the program in the PLC. When you're done, FTP any changed documentation files back to the SoftPLC for the next user.

2. Updates to SoftPLC provided software (eg: softplc.exe, drivers, etc.) can be easily installed over ethernet. Just ftp to copy the new files to the controller, restart the controller and you're ready to go!

One of the best parts of this technology is that a number of excellent FTP Client software products are FREE!