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SoftPLC Corporation provides high-quality, reliable software and hardware products and excellent technical support. But we know it takes much more for your control system solution to be complete, and that local support is important to our customers. This page identifies and provides links to other companies which are reselling, applying, building, or contributing to systems which use SoftPLC in some way.

Authorized Distributors/Representatives

Companies that are authorized to resell SoftPLC Corporation products. SoftPLC Distributors/Representatives all have a SoftPLC specialist on staff, who receives factory training annually. Most SoftPLC Distributors also have stock of commonly used hardware items.

Distributor Openings are available! If you are a distributor of high technology products, and are interested in becoming an Authorized SoftPLC Distributor, let us know at .

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Authorized System Integrators

Attention System Integrators: Check out our unique SI program!
It's non-exclusive, requires no annual fees, and includes commissions even if you don't win the project!

Authorized SoftPLC Integrators are companies who offer SoftPLC integration services, application programming services, and programming of custom TLM's. These companies have used and been trained on SoftPLC products.

Vendor Relationships

Vendors which supply SoftPLC compatible products and have adapted their products to work with SoftPLC, or have personnel trained to support their products when used in conjunction with SoftPLC. (Note that many other compatible products exist and are being used with SoftPLC, but a formal vendor co-marketing arrangement has not been made.)

Data-Linc Logo Data-Linc - Industrial Modems
Eason Logo Eason - Operator Interfaces
Entrelec Logo Entrelec - I/O
InduSoft logo InduSoft - SCADA
IAONA logo IAONA (Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance) - Industrial Ethernet Society
Interbus logo Interbus Club (Phoenix Contact) - Interbus compatible products
MTL Logo MTL, Inc.- I/O
ODVA Banner ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association) - DeviceNet compatible products
Profibus Logo Profibus Trade Organization (PTO) - Profibus compatible products
SERCOS N.A. Logo SERCOS (SErial Realtime COmmunication System) - SERCOS compatible products
Seriplex Logo Seriplex Technology Organization - I/O

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