SoftPLC Corporation Product Line Overview

SoftPLC Corporation is a specialist in PLC controls. We focus on one area of automation to ensure "best-of-class" products and service for our customers. Whether a simple machine controller or a sophisticated, integrated factory automation system is required, our open architecture SoftPLC's should be able to meet your needs.

This Overview is provided to help guide you through the product descriptions on our website, as you try to determine which you might need for your control applications. Products are grouped in two general areas: Systems/Hardware Products and Software Products. After reviewing our website, if you need further assistance, or would like a quotation, please contact your local Authorized SoftPLC Distributor or .

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Systems/Hardware Products

SoftPLC Corp. manufactures two controller product lines - SoftPLC In Tealware and SoftPLC Processors. We also offer a number of optional add-on products from other vendors that can be used with our controllers. These systems come with the SoftPLC runtime control software installed and configured based on the specifications you provide. Once the system hardware is selected, an optional Web Server can be added, and you may need development software.

SoftPLC In TealwareTM

SoftPLC in TealwareSoftPLC In TealwareTM is an advanced PLC system that consists of compact, rack mounted components such as power supplies, I/O modules and a CPU, which embeds our powerful SoftPLC Control Software. CPU bases can accommodate from 4 to 8 I/O modules, and both local and remote expansion capabilities allow a single CPU to control up to 16,384 I/O points!

Even though it offers substantially better performance, more flexibility and more extensive capabilities, SoftPLC In Tealware is priced significantly lower than its competitors.

SoftPLC ProcessorsTM

SoftPLC ProcessorsSoftPLC Processors are cable-ready CPUs which combine an industrial CPU, SoftPLC Control Software, and your choice of communications ports, I/O interfaces, etc. SoftPLC Processors are pre-configured at the factory to your specifications, and then tested as a system prior to shipment.

A variety of enclosure sizes, processor speeds, and more are offered. These truly open-architecture systems can be used with I/O and devices from hundreds of industrial control product vendors, including SoftPLC Corp's own Tealware I/O products.

Power Protection Equipment

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is strongly recommended for all SoftPLC Systems not only for power protection, but also where it is desirable that power-loss conditions require system shut-down where the controller needs to start-up where it left off and that any ladder logic modifications are saved when power is resumed (retentive memory).

When retentive memory is not required or desirable, SoftPLC offers standard power line protection equipment.

I/O Interfaces, Communications Cards & Other Options

As open architecture controllers, SoftPLC based systems can be used with a wide variety of I/O and devices from other vendors. Some of the more popular of these products are offered by SoftPLC Corp. as a convenience to our customers.

Software Products

SoftPLC Corp.'s software products can be broken into two general categories - runtime and development software.

Runtime Control Software

Our runtime software products are included and pre-installed into our system level products. For customers who want to build their own controller CPU using standard PC equipment, we offer runtime software as a separate product line.


SoftPLC Control Software is a runtime software "kernel", which means a real-time operating system (RTOS) is embedded into SoftPLC. Therefore, when SoftPLC is loaded into RAM on any x86 based CPU, the computer becomes a reliable, deterministic controller.

SoftPLC Control Software is available in 3 sizes, the only variation is in the number of digital I/O points the system can control. All sizes include support for an unlimited number of analog points. (Note that the total I/O points allowed will vary based on the I/O hardware you choose.)

  • SPLC-1K Max. 1024 In/1024 Out
  • SPLC-2K Max. 2048 In/2048 Out
  • SPLC-8K Max. 8192 In/8192 Out

For SoftPLC System products, you specify the runtime size as part of the catalog number, therefore, it is not purchased as a separate item. If you are building your own controller CPU, specify one of the above software products.

Embedded Web Server

An optional component to an SoftPLC System product or to the runtime software when purchased separately, SoftPLC's embedded web server provides services to any web browser that supports Java servlets. A number of useful functions are provided through this connection, such as live data update over an Intranet or the Internet, browser based HMI functions, and more.

Development Software

At least one set of development software is required by all customers whether they purchase our runtime software or our system level controller products. Development software is primarily used to create logic programs and documentation, and to maintain SoftPLC CPU systems and configurations. For users wanting to customize their system with user written instructions, device drivers or other functions, Programmer's Toolkits are available.


TOPDOC is the program development, documentation and maintenance tool for SoftPLC. Ladder logic programming, both offline and online, are supported with a rich set of editing tools and utilities. TOPDOC also includes an embedded feature called SoftWIRES, which provides offline emulation, simulation, and testing functions.

SoftPLC Corp. has manufactured TOPDOC since 1984 for Allen-Bradley PLC-2, PLC-3 and PLC-5 based systems along with their TOPDOC for SoftPLC.


TOPDOC NexGen is the "NEXt GENeration" TOPDOC product. Although this product is still under development, a subset release is provided at no charge with TOPDOC for SoftPLC which provides SoftPLC CPU configuration functions. As development continues, pre-releases of additional functionality will continue to be offered.

Programmer's Toolkits

SoftPLC users with a fairly good understanding of the programming language they select can create their own ladder instructions, device drivers, communication routines and more with a Programmer's Toolkit. These Toolkits include a description of our API (Applications Program Interface), example source code, "helper" functions you can use to link your code to SoftPLC Control Software, and a detailed programming manual. Three Toolkits are offered:

  • C/C++ Programmer's Toolkit: Allows C/C++ programmers to extend the functionality of SoftPLC by developing TLM's. Supported compilers are Borland C++ 5.5 (available for free from Borland's website), Watcom C++ 11.0, or Symantec C++ 7.2 or 7.5.
  • Java Language Programmer's Toolkit: Allows Java language programmers to extend the functionality of SoftPLC. Any Java development tool can be used.
  • ONE Programmer's Toolkit: Allows programs that generate C function calls (eg: C, C++ or VisualBasic) to utilize SoftPLC's ONE Communications drivers to send/receive data to/from SoftPLC's or A-B PLC's via serial DF1, DH/DH+ or A-B PLC-5 TCP/IP Ethernet protocols. Any development tool can be used.

Programmer's Toolkits are available through a Technology Transfer License that must be thoroughly understood and signed prior to receipt of the product.

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