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SoftPLC SERCOS Interface

Integrated Logic and Motion Control made better with SoftPLC and SERCOS Technology!

August, 1996: SoftPLC Corporation announces an integrated motion control solution in their SoftPLC Control Software when used with an Indramat CLC Motion Control card for SERCOS interface. SoftPLC now includes ladder instructions which allow users to easily send information to and read data from the Indramat CLC cards. Together, the products combine to make a powerful, easy-to-use control system consisting of both PLC control and high-speed multi-axis motion control. Customers using this integrated, open-architecture solution have found not only tremendous performance increases, but also significant cost decreases, over proprietary PLC solutions.

SoftPLC is an open architecture control product that provides true PLC functionality on a PC platform, allowing users to take advantage of the cost/feature benefits found in the PC hardware marketplace and to use a variety of I/O systems and device interfaces from both PLC and third party vendors. SoftPLC's ability to run C functions has led to the development of some powerful loadable instructions to communicate information to/from the Indramat CLC cards. These instructions are now included with every SoftPLC at no additional charge.

Indramat, a division of The Rexroth Corporation, designs and manufactures a broad line of intelligent motion and machine control products. The CLC Motion Control System is available in versions that can be plugged into an ISA, PC/104 or VME bus computer to simultaneously control and coordinate up to 30 motion axes.

SERCOS LogoThe CLC system uses the SERCOS (Serial Real-time Communication System) interface, which is an international standard for digital communication.

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